Compound Exercise

Compound movements build the most muscle. Not only that, but they increase strength the fastest. Learn from the expert himself Dr. Jignesh Kumar (PT).

Compound exercises are king for gym efficiency If you want to get bigger and stronger in the gym in less time you don’t need to look further than big compound exercises. They recruit a lot of muscle fibres which help in producing gains in both size and strength. They also get your heart rate higher than machine or isolation exercises which is helpful for both fat loss goals and muscle building. Best of all, you can be in and out of the gym in no time as you don’t need to do many compound exercises to get the training stimulus you are after.

Compound exercises are those in which multiple joints are being used in the exercise (think squat/hip, knee, ankle etc.) Multiple joint movements like these in turn recruit a lot of muscles to help with that movement. This causes you to work harder. Isolation exercises are those which only utilise one joint (think bicep curl/elbow) which are less efficient for strength and muscle building for the very reason that you cannot lift as much load with these exercises, therefore the muscle recruitment is less and the response to the stimulus (weight) is less.

That is not to say that isolation exercises hold no value but if you are a beginner in the weight room, the aim should be to get into the gym, workout hard and get out in under an hour. With limited time it makes sense to do the best bang for your buck exercises.

Whether you are a beginner in the gym or are looking for a quick workout, you should focus all your energy on perfecting the big compound exercises and get strong in these movements. If you do this 3-4 times per week with good periodization in which the weight is gradually increased over time, taking advantage of progressive overload and by balancing both upper and lower body and push/pull movements, you will reach your goal of fat loss, strength gain or an increase in muscle mass in no time at all!

Below is a list of some of the best bang for your buck exercises for size and strength. This is obviously not an exhaustive list but take your pick, perfect your form and get cracking. You will be leaner, stronger or bigger than ever in no time!

   Bench press
   Military press
   Bent over row
   Pull up (neutral and wide grip)

   Back Squat
   Front squat
   Romanian deadlift
   Split Squat
   Stiffed leg deadlift

Get the most out of your workout session!