Contest Preparation

Contest Preparation

If you train well and hard and start early enough you will not have to take such risks and run the chance of appearing flat, bloated or smooth. If you have a desire to "trick your body" and try to maximize the glycogen storage system, while minimizing subcutaneous water storage for a huge, dry, vascular look, my advice is to experiment weeks before and not the week of the show and risk weeks of hard work if your body rejects the "plan" you choose.

Understanding how to manipulate your calories, carbohydrates, sodium and water levels can increase the appearance of muscle density and fullness while offering maximum vascularity.

This is referred to as "Peaking". Because bodybuilding "Peak condition" can only be maintained for a very short period of time, it is critical that you understand how your body will react to stress, changes in your diet (you do not want to introduce new foods the day of the contest and not only risk holding water), but also risk gad, intestinal and abdominal cramping and blog.

These can all stress the body, cause you to lose water from the muscle and pool it subcutaneously, causing a ripped physique to look flat of "watery" even at very low body fat compositions.

Your goal must be to look your best during the competition (ideally at pre-judging). If you are a contender after the pre-judging you may have a shot at the overall, so maintaining your physique through the evening event is also important. Any miscalculations and you may peak the day before or after the competition.

It is tragic to see a bodybuilder who has trained and dieted consistently in a ripped and vascular condition on Friday only to have the same competitor come in flat and smooth on Saturday. Just about every bodybuilder has experienced this at one point in their career, even experienced pros. The key is to experiment with what works for you. Practice peaking early.